Pet Nanny & Associates, Inc. | Giving Back
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Giving Back

A portion of The Pet Nanny profits are dedicated towards the rescue of stray and homeless animals.

These efforts include feeding, housing, veterinary care, neutering, foster home placement and eventual adoption.


Through a network of concerned pet care professionals and ordinary people who just want to help, Gina Downs has made it a goal to provide relief for animals on a continual basis.

Partners include:

Fairmount Pet Shoppe
Bow Wow & Meows Grooming Spa
Chez Bow Wow Pet Grooming Salon
Girard Veterinary Clinic


Gina was alerted to two Pit-Mixes that were abandoned at a house in North Philadelphia. They were being kept outside, in the cold, with limited access to food and water.

She quickly mobilized several pet-rescue partners and eventually found a couple living in North Carolina, on a farm, who were willing to drive North and give the pups a new home. Here they are, relaxing at their new digs. Thanks to all who pitched in and helped!


You already support these causes just by using the Pet Nanny services. However, for those of you who would like to play a bigger role, we encourage you to get further involved as a foster home provider, or through gifts of food, medicine and supplies, or monetary donations. If you would like to learn more about how to help further this cause, please contact us for more info.