Pet Nanny & Associates, Inc. | Playgroups
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Playgroups at The Pet Nanny Playground

Playgroups are

Fun frolicking with forever friends in a private, enclosed playground conducted and supervised by Pet Nanny professionals inside The Pet Nanny Playground.


Ball chasing, wrestling, sniffing, watersports, socialization, canine partying, treat eating, yipping and yapping, barking and wagging, good times had by all. Rain or shine, pickup and delivery, 1 hour sessions.

The Playground

Enclosed, clean, safe and sanitized surface, shaded areas, rain tarp, pool in summer, watering holes, toys and treats galore, highly trained staff on-site at all times.

This service is only provided “upon approval” for dogs who are socially interactive. We will match your dog with the perfect play partners for a safe and fun playgroup experience.

We Now Have Puppy Playgroups!

Wednesdays and Fridays at 11AM-12PM. 1 hour of fun and play with like-minded pups! Pickup and delivery, rain or shine.